Fun Races is all about fun, fitness, family and philantropy.

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Advertise With Us!

FR-site-visits-2013-to-2015Advertise on our website launched in late 2012.  By the end of 2015, is projected to have over 130,000 hits for the year or an increase of more than 300% in 3 years.

Demographics show that approximately 62% Female, 38% Male frequent our site with the following age group breakdown: 29% 18-29 years old, 39% 30-39 years old, 21% 40-49 years old and 9% 50 years of age and older.

We don’t ask our participants about their income level, but they’re paying money to have fun and stay fit.

If this sounds like your kind of customer, call Chet at (317) 696-0196 or email us.

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