Fun Races is all about fun, fitness, family and philantropy.

About Fun Races

Fun-Races is a family-owned business. Its focus is creating unique fun run events!  Most events benefit at least one charity.  If you attend many Fun-Races events, you will quickly learn the things we like – beer, dogs and wine for example:-).

We do our best to provide excellent swag so you have something nice to remember the event. We also pride ourselves on the coolest medals we can design for all of our finishers.

Fun-Races is led by Chet Klene.  Please take a second to say Hi to him when you’re at an event.  He began the company after creating one charity event for fun. He loved the crowd so much, that it became his full-time job.  He is responsible for race ideas and creates most of them.

Jessie Klene manages the Registration and Check-In processes.  She has just enough OCD to direct smooth check-ins.  If you participated in a few of our first events, you can see vast improvements since she took over that responsibility. Jessie is the creator of Frosty Paws 4K.

Jett and Jade Klene help with everything.  Jett will often be the announcer at races and help at the finish line.  Jade is usually near the Check-In process.

Chuck and Garnet Rivera show up at almost all races with their cameras.  We LOVE to give away free photos at our events.  They take countless photos and post them to our Facebook page.

Eric Rice is the brains behind timing our races.  His technical background and obsessiveness with 100% accuracy works wonderfully as we chip-time most of our events.  He has designed our set up including things like video-backup.